4 Decades of Number 1 Songs!

Oct 14 2011
By: chimarx4
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Grammy-winning songwriter Richard Marx has the 14th number one single of his career with the song “Long Hot Summer”

Marx joins an exclusive club of singer-songwriters who have had
a number one hit in each of the last 4 decades

Grammy winning singer/songwriter Richard Marx has achieved an honor in the songwriting world that not many have accomplished; he has had a song reach number one in each of the last four decades. The recently released “Long Hot Summer,” which Marx co-wrote with singer Keith Urban, is the 14th single in Marx’s career to reach number one. The song, which Urban also sings, is currently number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. It is Marx’s 3rd number one hit on the county music charts. Below is a complete list of his number one hits from the past four decades.

“What About Me” (Kenny Rogers with Kim Carnes and James Ingram), Adult Contemporary, 1984
“Crazy” (Kenny Rogers), Country Songs, 1985
“Don’t Mean Nothing,” Mainstream Rock, 1987
“Hold On to the Nights,” Hot 100, 1988
“Satisfied,” Hot 100, 1989
“Right Here Waiting,” Hot 100, Adult Contemporary, 1989

“Keep Coming Back,” Adult Contemporary, 1991
“Hazard,” Adult Contemporary, 1992
“Now and Forever,” Adult Contemporary, 1994

“This I Promise You” (‘N Sync), Adult Contemporary, 2000
“To Where You Are” (Josh Groban), Adult Contemporary, 2002
“Dance With My Father” (Luther Vandross), Adult R&B, 2003
“Better Life” (Keith Urban), Country Songs, 2005

“Long Hot Summer” (Keith Urban), Country Songs, 2011


  1. al
    October 14, 2011

    And to think I would be happy with one hit. No wonder your so dam giddy. U Rock!

  2. Jules
    October 14, 2011

    wooHoo Well done my friend!

  3. October 14, 2011


    Congrsts on the song but I am so diggin…When You Loved Me…that’s a winner bro! Come back down to the gulf coast. I saw you with Keith at Max It Out charity event in Nashville,you did a few songs, it was great.

    Keep singing~
    Cheryl Ann

    would love to hear an acoustic tour…I think you did one but nothin near me that I recall.
    jus sayin…lol

  4. Carol Smith
    October 14, 2011

    Like I have said over and over. There will never be another that can touch the heart and soul with music like Richard Marx. I have relied on his music thru the years. It made the bad times bearable, and the good times great. It’s more than “just music” to me! I FINALLY got to see Richard Rock It, in Rochester, MN, my top 10 list of things to do before I turned 50 – 1 thru 10, see Richard Marx in concert. The 6 hour road trip was soooooooooo worth it! Now I am going crazy as the Ultimate Ultimate, Front Row seats to see Richard in Council Bluffs, IA in January. To be able to see the all time Best of the Best again – LIFE IS GOOD!

  5. Michelle V
    October 14, 2011

    Wow! You must be very proud of your achievement and rightly so. The music just gets better and better. Keep them coming. Heres to the next 14 number ones.


  6. October 14, 2011

    don’t forget…Richard also has an extra #1 as a singer with Donna Lewis on a song called At The Beginning on the Radio & Records Adult Contemporary Chart on January 16, 1994

  7. October 14, 2011

    ThRe because he’s hore gift to. The music world nd he’s also gods gift to women now n forever

  8. October 14, 2011

    we would love to see you doing a concert like the way you use to, sure you say you want to get closer to the audience thats fine to but we use to seen you like before ! hope you change your mind and go fo it you still got it rich, we saw you at the fetival of the arts in laguna beach, you were great by the way!

  9. Jenny
    October 14, 2011

    You totally ROCK!!!

  10. dee
    October 14, 2011

    Can’t hardly wait him on december concert in jakarta

  11. Sayeeda
    October 14, 2011

    I lift my glass of Grape/Cranberry on the rocks ;)in a toast to you and all you’ve accomplished so far in your young life.. [smiles]
    Congratulations Richard, you’re the best at everything you do.. write, produce and sing. Your voice gets better as time goes… and the words of the songs you write… well.. they are pure magic!
    Here’s to 14 more Hits [at least!]

  12. Maria Sedotti
    October 14, 2011

    That article puts everything in perspective about your contributions to the music world over the last four decades. You rock, Richard and we like that.

  13. marxcase1239
    October 15, 2011

    Congrats!!!! That’s quite an achievement!!! I imagine the list is pretty small of the artists who have done more at the songwriting level. You are just amazing to me!! Sooo talented!! I hope you go out and celebrate. You deserve it!!!

  14. October 15, 2011

    I can’t really add much to the mix already said. It’s all true. I just knocked on wood (If I’m still alive) that in 10 years we will see that list with another 10 songs on it. This list is just the #1, How about a list of all the songs that reached top 10 or top 5, it would be long. But it would be great to actually see that list.

    Anyways you are the best. A true master, who learned from a master. I love your sense of humor. You’re not full of yourself (though you have bragging right to be so). Happily married to beautiful Cynthia Rhodes, 3 great, talented sons, many, many good friends. So you have much to be thankful for, much to be proud of. It was cool when asked your proudest accomplishment in a recent interview you answer “Your Children”.

    You’re the good guy that would say something like: Interviewer question. “With all this success Richard, do you ever feel a little diva’ish?” To which Richard would say “What’s a Diva?” and laugh.

    I find myself laughing at all the Diva’s out their that say about Richard: Why don’t you just retire already & give us other guys a chance.

    Their’s no limits on song writing & Richard will never stop (Thank God). I am planning on, counting on, spending the rest of my life with this man’s music. It’s the food that feeds my soul, day after day, through the good times, but most of all during the bad, dark, painful times. It helps me stay focused & eases the suffering. You know that old wives tale “Music southes the savage beast” – so so true.

    Love you man, don’t ever stop writing be forever proud that you have lifted the burden of so many millions past, present & future. Everyday you are acquiring new/young fans, that are feeling the same way as all us fans who have been with you since the beginning.

    You have written some of the most beautiful lyrics & vocals I have ever heard. I feel privileged & blessed each day that I continue to live & get to hear them. And I will leave this world to the sound of one of my favorites, just haven’t decided which one yet. Anyway enough morbidity.

    Don’t let anyone’s envy or jealousy ever sway you from doing what you love doing most.

    I am so happy to hear you are coming out with a Christmas CD. I have been waiting for a long time for one. One request, can you maybe also add “You’ve Never Be Alone” on it as one of the tracks or as a bonus track? That would be awesome. My 2 most favorite Christmas songs are You’ve Never Be Alone & Chris Rea’s “Driving Home for Christmas”.

  15. gailinfl
    October 15, 2011

    AMAZING!!! so proud to be a fan of 24 years!!! :)

  16. October 15, 2011

    what a wonderful accomplishment…ur AWESOME!!!

  17. colene beck
    October 15, 2011

    PLEASE , PLEASE, PLEASE, come back down under and tour – we love your music down here. Congrats with the success that you are sharing with our Keith. Theres a thought – tour together !!!!

  18. October 15, 2011

    yeah so how old were you when your #1 hit 8? Sr.richardo felicidades en tu exitos El numero uno rockero del mundo en mis ojos hay otras cancions que deberia ser tambien #1 como ready to fly y fallin cantalas y vera bye like you

  19. Ha Vu Thai
    October 16, 2011

    Congrats Richard! You’re the best!

  20. Carrie
    October 16, 2011

    Completely ecstatic over the unexpected visit from Richard on stage with Keith Urban on Friday night outside Chicago…highlight of the evening! As a little girl, I sang the heck out of Don’t Mean Nothing, wanted to go to the concert, but a single mom raising 3 kids on her own didn’t lead to many concerts! To hear it live was a super treat! xxoo

  21. Tammy
    October 17, 2011

    Congrats! Looking forward to your next 14!
    Saw your concert last night at the Sound Board.
    Awesome! You always put on a great show! Even in a Detroit Blizzard when only half your band showed up (at the Magic Bag in Ferdale, MI a several years back). More concerts in Detroit please!

  22. Michel Kelderman
    October 18, 2011

    For over twenty years I listen to your music and it still gets beter.
    Hopefully you will come overseas to Europe in the near future. In Holland your known cause of the songs “right here waiting” and “hazard” but thats just the top of an iceberg.
    I will keep on supporting you in Holland, by posting links to your website on facebook, it already made some (re)new(ed) fans.

    Best regards

  23. October 18, 2011

    i love richard & tank you..

  24. Darlene
    October 21, 2011

    Nicely done! Congratulations to you!

  25. Dee
    October 21, 2011

    I think the reason Richard and Keith are so good is because they aren’t afraid to show their feelings in song writing and singing. Some men cannot let loose and show how they are feeling. They are both great !!!!

  26. Ned
    October 22, 2011

    Congratulations!!! 14 in four decades — Quite an accomplishment! What a great and diverse list of songs!!! Just got your Greatest Hits, I think it will be the first CD I will wear out!

  27. dsgmisu
    October 22, 2011

    Want more number 1 songs.. But also with your voice….

  28. briguyx
    October 26, 2011

    And you didn’t “cheat” by having someone remake or sample one of your songs! New work in each decade! That’s the most impressive thing!

  29. Brang
    August 2, 2012

    I like the song ,I will be waiting for you.

  30. charlene
    December 30, 2012

    Hi I have been a fan since I was a teen in the 80s and you are still my favorite artist

  31. Danielle
    March 2, 2013

    Keep doing what you’re doing….and NEVER change!
    You are incredibly talented and down-to-earth. The world is a better place with you in it!!
    Danielle from New Brunswick, Canada

  32. Cindi Bevill
    April 12, 2013

    Richard, you are a professional and personal inspiration! Your talent and philantrophy is what makes American Music great! Thanks for the years of great music and being a role model to millions!

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