Hey gang,
While I’m looking forward to the release of the new CD in Europe, “Inside My Head,” I’m aware that some of you loyal followers have already purchased some of the songs on it that were previously available only on Amazon or my website. Rest assured I am sensitive to your investment in my music and very grateful, and you will have the option to buy individual tracks from the new CD. This is a time of experimentation in the music industry, and I’m feeling things out as I go. My desire is to continually make new music, and the “when and where” of its release is often a quandary. I’m planning on releasing quite a bit of new material over the next 18 months. Sometimes it will be a digital track here, a free song there, or an EP of 3-4 songs everywhere, and sometimes a label in a certain country will want to put out a collection of songs, new and old, as is the case with the new CD. I hope you’ll hang in there with me, and whatever the vehicle, come along for the ride.
With gratitude,