Yesterday was a really, really great day. I got to hang with my dear friend, Matt Scannell, for most of it. Starting with breakfast at my favorite spot in LA (which I won’t name because it’s already hard to get into), Matt and I buried the Twitter hatchet…or I should say…he graciously agreed not to mercilessly mock me for caving 4 nights ago and entering the Twitter-sphere after mercilessly mocking HIM for Tweeting his ass off for 2 years. Then I did a talk show called, (crazily enough) “The Talk.” Not only did my son, Luke, join me at the taping (the show airs today…and, wow…lots of parenthetical statements from me this morning!)….but I got a hug from Florence Henderson.
From there I picked up Matt yet again and drove to Fox 11 where he joined me on my favorite song we’ve written together, “When You Loved Me.” You can see the performance and my interview at the links below. And if you look closely at around 1:55 of the song, you’ll see a sign of what it’s like for me to have the honor of playing music with not only one of my favorite singer-songwriter-musicians, but one of the best human beings I’ve ever known. Matt and I hadn’t sung together in awhile, and I really missed it.
If that weren’t enough, we got this amazing joint in Studio City called Artisan Cheese to stay open a few extra minutes so that I could eat the greatest chopped salad that exists in LA.
Some days suck. Yesterday…not so much.
Hope you guys are all GREAT!