I want to take a moment to address the topic of fan posted-videos online. First, I really appreciate everyone who comes to see me play, period. And I love the enthusiasm behind posting a video from my show in order to share that enthusiasm with other fans. I actually don’t mind seeing videos posted of select songs from the band shows I do, or the Duo shows with Matt Scannell. I’m proud of the music we play and I, as a fan of many artists, love to see clips of songs from live shows. But videos of my solo show is another story. That experience is and will be the most intimate I’ve ever had with an audience, and the stories and jokes and banter in between songs is something that should be shared by those of us in that room at that time. I don’t think anyone who’s posted these kind of clips means me any disrespect whatsoever. But I also think they would never in a million years think of going to a movie, video-ing key plot scenes, and then posting those vids online. They wouldn’t because it would be ruining the movie experience for others, and that is exactly what you’re doing by posting these vids from my solo show. You’re blowing it for others who will come to the show.
So, with deep gratitude, I ask that you do not do this.
Many thanks