On tour now! Request A Song!

John Barry passed away today at age 77. He was a brilliant composer, famous for Oscar winning themes and scores for films like “Born Free” and “Dances With Wolves.” He wrote the famous James Bond theme that we all know with the cool, twangy guitar riff, and also wrote the theme to “Out of Africa” which ranks right up there with my favorite pieces of music of all time. Do yourself a favor and listen to that theme. I’ve heard it a million times and it still deeply moves me. I turn into a total wuss when I hear it.

Not that THAT’S a stretch.

Speaking of movies…..LOVED “The King’s Speech.” Didn’t think I’d like it at all but this is a seriously great film, I think. Last night I saw one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s called, “The Black Swan.” I know…it’s not supposed to be funny. But trust me…..it is. It’s so pretentious and pointless that I literally laughed out loud several times. The film critics can’t praise it enough for it’s “fearlessness” and “exotically told story.” Those guys are just like music critics who only praise artists who can’t sing or play an instrument worth a shit.

Doing some Duo shows with Scannell next weekend….South Orange, Easton, Md and Cleveland……we are bringing our A game your way…come and hang with us!

Hope you guys are well….we here in Chicago are bracing for a brutal snow storm. Gee…can’t wait….


PS: Sara Bareilles…you know why Sara Bareilles doesn’t sing better? Because she couldn’t possibly. She’s already the best out there. Her voice kills me. The rest of us singers are just posers compared to her.