” I had so much fun doing that tour with Ringo in ’06, and we’ve stayed in touch quite a bit, so last winter he asked me over to his house in LA to write a song with him. It was a track he’d already come up with and I liked it and started writing a melody to it on the spot, and then we wrote the lyrics together within an hour or so. The song’s called, “Mystery of the Night.” Then a few months later he asked if I’d sing background vocals on it, so when my family and I were in LA for a week during spring break we went over and I sang a bunch of tracks of vocals. I loved how the song came out. Ringo’s vocal is GREAT and he even got Benmont Tench (of The Heartbreakers) to play piano on it.
After I was done he was playing me some other tracks from the CD, including this amazing duet with Paul McCartney called, “Walk With You.” Then he played me a track called, “Peace Dream” and all of a sudden he turned to me and said, “You know…it’d be SO great to get the lads to sing on this. You think they would?” By “the lads,” he meant my sons, Lucas and Jesse, who were sitting outside by his pool. (Brandon was on his own spring break trip to Florida with his gf.) So the punch line is….my sons are singing on Ringo’s new CD.

and……I wrote a freakin’ song with a freakin’ Beatle….”