I wrote this song from my 1994 album, “Paid Vacation” about how I perceived (and still perceive) the way America treats its elderly. Which is, for the most part, pretty badly. I had been to many Asian countries where the elderly are respected and embraced for their wisdom and experience, and not simply tossed away into nursing homes. I also had an incredible relationship with my maternal grandparents, and couldn’t fathom treating them that way.

One day I got a call from the head of video at my label who said he’d been approached by Kiefer Sutherland about shooting a video for the song. Apparently, Kiefer had heard the song and totally loved what I was saying, and was also branching out into directing videos. I met with him a few days later and we shot the clip very soon thereafter. Kiefer was a total pro and I loved working with him.

The song was somewhat of a hit in Europe but in the US, at the last minute, my label switched to “Way She Loves Me” as the album’s second single, and this video never got American airtime. Glad to spotlight it for you now.

Richard Marx - Silent Scream