Stories to Tell is Richard Marx ‘s first acoustic album that features 11 of his greatest hits from 1987 to 2009 but also new recordings of songs Richard has written or co-written with another artists. Years have passed but the magic of his music is always present.

A musician, his acoustic guitar or his piano. Two things to showcase what an authentic artist is. Music, in its purest form, without artifice. Richard ‘s playing singing and playing reminds us what music and talent are supposed to be. It comes from heart and soul. If you are not yet familiar with Richard ‘s music, I highly recommend to begin with this album. These sublime acoustic versions will leave you speechless. It is sweet, delicate, a must-have. Beautiful love songs that are eternal for everybody, bring back us memories. These acoustic versions featuring piano or guitar are excellent, pure beauty. Brilliant arrangements. Initially, the songs are wonderful. Emotion when you will listen to them. Who has forgotten Angelia or Right Here Waiting ? Nobody ! Richard has this ability to create legendary songs.

New recordings – Richard writes or co-writes songs for another artists since a long time. Personally, I have never understood why he did not keep them for him ? because when he sings them, it is something else. The songs become magical. The quality of the timber of his voice brings them an extra thing.