December 2012

Richard Marx – My 10 Resolutions for 2013

Dec 31 2012
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Richard Marx New Years Resolutions

10. Offer a cash reward to make Donald Trump produce proof of his actual hairline.

9. Pull major bank heist. Let Mark Ruffalo take the fall.

8. Sing the hook of Sara Bareilles’ “King of Anything” at the top of my lungs into the face of a random cashier at Burger King.

7. Schedule plenty of cuddle time with Matt Nathanson.

6. Finally learn the words to “Copacabana.” Like… ALL the words, yo.

5. Humanitarian act: Re-categorize people who confuse “your” and “you’re” from “utterly” useless to “somewhat” useless.

4. Get through at least another year without having seen a single second of “Downton Abbey.”

3. Start using the phrase “Well, back in my day” constantly.

2. Form a metal band called Baba Ganoush.

1. Up my showering to a two-a-week… minimum.

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Richard Marx

Dec 23 2012
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Richard Marx takes you behind the scenes of the Christmas Spirit Album tracking “O Come All Ye Faithful” live in Nashville’s Ocean Way studios.

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Richard Marx – Seven & Seven

Dec 04 2012
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Richard Marx Seven & Seven

‘Tis the season for giving! Richard Marx’s exclusive “Seven & Seven”/”Christmas Spirit” bundle is available at QVC for a limited time at a Featured Price until Midnight tonight EST!

Buy Seven & Seven on QVC Now!



“Seven & Seven” features 7 hits and 7 live tracks by Richard Marx!

The Hits

  • Don’t Mean Nothing
  • Should’ve Known Better
  • Hold On To The Nights
  • Angelia
  • Too Late To Say Goodbye
  • Satisfied
  • Never Take Me Dancing

Live Performances

  • Endless Summer Nights
  • Hazard
  • Keep Coming Back
  • Right Here Waiting
  • Take This Heart
  • This I Promise You
  • When You Loved Me

Tune and and watch Richard live on QVC December 7th from 12pm – 2pm EST and let the holiday shopping begin.

Enter to Win the Seven & Seven Twitter Contest

Click the “ReTweet to Win” button and ReTweet for the chance to win an autographed lithograph of the lyrics to Richard Marx’s smash hit “Should’ve Known Better!”

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